伍柏禎 牧師 - August 20, 2017


歷代志上29:11-12; 歌羅西書3:23-24

From 系列: "2017粵語主日講道"

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呂理山 牧師 - August 20, 2017


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English Sunday School
Youth (7th – 12th Grade)
Mark Cheung Rm 304
Psalms is derived from the Greek translation, ψαλμοί psalmoi, meaning “instrumental music” and, by extension, “the words accompanying the music.” This summer, the youth Sunday school students will explore 11 Psalms by drawing, singing, photographing and creative music composing.  Each youth will learn how “music” connect to their daily spiritual walk with the Creator. 
Youth – Training for Core Leaders
Rick Zuniga & Youth Counselors Rm 309
This summer Sunday School quarter, counselors and student leaders will be journeying through the book, Help! I’m a Student Leader; Practical Ideas and Guidance on Leaders, by Doug Fields. Counselors from Alpha and Eureka will challenge students to learn, grow and develop leadership skills such as Bible study leading and small group leading. They will also be learning about their spiritual gifts. But most importantly, they will be learning of God’s call for them and how to live holy, practical, faithful lives as an example and testament of Jesus as they minister to their peers.
200 Growing in The Word – Job 
Agnes Chiu Rm 314
The book of Job, one of the greatest wisdom books in the Bible, deals with some of the toughest topics in life and theology. The goal of the course is to provide practical insights from the lessons offered by this book. In this course, we will explore topics such as the sources and “benefits” of evil, God’s character and His providence for His people, God’s relationship with Satan, meaning of true blessings, the flaws of prosperity gospel, the “dos” and “don’ts” in counseling those in pain, our human responses to sufferings, and God’s response or the lack of response to Job. From this study, we hope to gain a Biblical perspective in our handling of life’s sufferings and a better understanding of God. Students are strongly advised to read through the book prior to the class.  We will dive right into discussion every week. You will be benefitted by the discussion if you already have the knowledge of the book.
400 Growing In Community 
A Loving Life
George & Danielle Wiriadinata Rm 306
To combine both the feeling and the choice of love is not possible without God powering us to do so. Join us for vulnerable conversations where we share personally about our lives and the struggle to love. Be prepared to continue to have your life transformed by Christ as we go through Paul Miller’s book 
“A Loving Life.”
110 What We Believe 
Lily Chan-Tan & David Park Rm 312
What is the biblical understanding of baptism and church membership? The class will explore these questions and CEFC’s statement of faith. 
A required class for those want to be baptized and/or to transfer membership to CEFC. Those who are interested to learn more are most welcome. 
Ruth Chan 155 室
Anne Hui 158 室
「因信稱義」是基督教非常重要的教義,此課程是透過查考 <羅馬書> 去明白因信稱義的背景、道理和結果,並瞭解「因信稱義」與「因信成義」(成聖) 的關係及如何在生活中實踐。 此課程適合已接受洗禮的信徒。
Stephen Tang & Andrew Liang 160室
Anit Tang 309室
聖靈是見不到,故信徒多對聖靈模糊。此課程目的是讓信徒找着聖靈、清楚得救、明白聖靈充滿、靠聖靈成長及恩賜事奉、和辨別方言 與諸靈。
年長班 — 進居迦南
Andrew Lam 161室
透過約書亜記,士師記和路得記,認識以色列人進l 居迦南地的經過和士師時期的一段歷史,並從歷史事件和幾位人物身上學習教訓。
曹維遠 會議室
人物查經 – 約瑟的生平
呂理山牧師 304室
從創世記37章至50章,除了38, 49章之外,都是記載約瑟一生的歷史。約瑟的生平遭遇是很具傳奇性的,在聖經的人物中很難找到可以與他相比的人。他的一生雖未能說毫無瑕疵,但他卻能夠在極其艱難的環境中過著信靠神而得勝的生活,這成為我們每個基督徒學習的典範。從聖經記載的約瑟生平,我們可以學到許多屬靈的教訓並且應用在我們的基督徒生活當中。
洪寶玉傳道 156室
研讀聖經 – 生命成長 
趙鳳翔,原冀平 314 室